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Recent News

Student perspective: Why study a Bachelor of Theology (and why non-Christians should consider it too)

22 May 2020

Third-year Bachelor of Theology student Jack Lindsay gives us insight into what theological study entails, and how some of life’s biggest questions can be tackled at the pub.

How do you teach drama virtually? A teacher explains how.

19 May 2020

Last week we shared the story of how our drama program came into being; this week we share how it’s been adapted to the online learning environment. No easy feat for a subject that relies on classroom activities and performance … or is it?

This Trinity College crew once appeared on Australia’s Got Talent … and made it to the semis

18 May 2020

Brian McFadden dubbed them the ‘singing nerds from Melbourne’. But how did these ‘nerds’ get their start, and how have they stayed strong for nearly 15 years?

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